Other activities

  • selecting  animators for day and evening entertainment who provide full-time entertainment for hotel guests
  • selecting and providing specialized sports personnel for holiday resorts (aerobics & fitness instructors, diving and water-sport instructors, tennis teachers etc.) and masseurs
  • selecting and providing professional staff in other domains and professions (hotel staff, waiters, barkeepers, chambermaids etc.)
  • organizing animation trainings for beginners
  • organizing castings for employers (hotels, animation companies etc.)


We can organize castings for all required positions, where you could personally choose suitable candidates for you. You have a chance to see and talk with your future employees, so you basically decide who is going to work for you.

We organize castings in Slovakia, Czech Republic or in Poland. You can meet over 50 candidates in one day on one place and choose the best candidates for your company!

Animation trainings

We organize animation trainings for beginners, where we give the newcomers basic idea about animation, teach them how to be a good animator and practice sport activities, children games and evening shows. These animators are equipped with the best of knowledge, to handle all situations in hotels and holiday resorts.


Our results

The long continuous collaboration with various agencies and holiday resorts is evidence that they are extremely satisfied with our quality and services.


„PRO-STAFF offers you high quality & services at very reasonable rates and this is the key to our success!“